Under the enlightened leadership of our leaders the Kingdom of Bahrain has evolved into a modern and cosmopolitan hub of business trade , commerce and culture of region

Why Bahrain

Second Highest Currency Value in the world

The Kingdom of Bahrain is the most liberal Islamic country within the whole of all the Arab World. The Bahraini currency is the second – highest – valued currency unit in the world. Since the late 20th century, Bahrain has heavily invested in the banking and tourism sectors.


As Bahrain focus on multi-dimensional developments has established itself as a centre for banking and regional commerce. Bahrain’s system of financial regulation facilitates and encourages investment and trade. Global ratings of economic performance an investment climate consequently always score Bahrain very highly. The Heritage Foundation’s “economic freedom” rating puts Bahrain as the only Arab Country on its global top 20 lists.


Bahrain tops by being the best expat country in the world to live in, according to survey. With more than 60% of expatriates, Bahrain is the number one place to live and work in the world, according to expats surveyed for a study analyzing the top destinations for the quality of life.

Gateway to the Middle East

The best market access to growing Gulf economies – Bahrain is At the heart of the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain puts you in a unique position to export directly across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the surrounding region and the Arab world


Just a 30-minute drive to Saudi Arabia, the region ’s largest economy, through the King Fahad Causeway.


The fastest clearance time anywhere in the GCC when going through the Khalifa Bin Salman Port.


The easiest and most direct access to all of the GCC’s airport hubs, with 1-hour flights from Bahrain International Airport.

Strong market connection

Bahrain Ranks 7th globally In terms of international and domestic transport infrastructure links and the level of service it receives.

Bahrain is the best Arab country for youth

Bahrain is the best Arab country that offers good prospects for young people, a global youth development index compiled by the UK Commonwealth Secretariat has revealed. The world thanks to the efforts and initiatives of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and his sons for the aim of advancing Bahraini youth and to ensure them a better future.

Women Empowerment

Bahrain supports in empowering Bahrain Arab Women. Bahrain women are also business owners, with state-provided help through a special business incubator for women start-up projects.